Whatman Anodisc Filters, 0.2um, 25mm diameter, pk 50 Maximize

Whatman Anodisc Filters, 0.2um, 25mm diameter, pk 50

Whatman Anodisc Filters, 0.2um, 25mm diameter with polypropylene support ring, pack of 50 filters

Catalog 6809-6022

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High pore density and narrow pore size distribution make it an extremely precise membrane


  • Extremely low protein binding minimizes sample loss


Aluminum oxide material. Consist of an Anopore® membrane disc, peripherally bonded to an annular polypropylene ring. Compatible with a wide range of organic chemicals, solvents and aqueous solutions, eliminating the need for multiple filter types. Sieve-like properties of Anopore® membrane enable microorganisms and particles to be retained on membrane surface for electron microscope examination. Virtually transparent when wet permitting examination by light microscopy without need to transfer the retained material. Wide solvent compatibility reduces the need to stock a variety of membranes in the laboratory.


Max. Operating Temperature 40°C  
Burst Strength 4.48 bar Min. to 7.58 bar Max.
Protein Low Adsorption
Refractive Index 1.6
Application HPLC mobile phase filtration and degassing
Ultra cleaning of solvents
Gravimetric analysis
Liposome extrusion
Scanning electron microscopy studies
Bacterial analysis by epifluorescence light microscopy
Micrometer and nanometer filtration
Metal nanorods formation
Porosity 25% Min. to 50% Max.

Whatman Cytiva Catalog No. 6809-6022
Pack of 50 with polypropylene ring