Washed 10mL Clear Serum Vials, 24x50mm, Case of 756 Maximize

Washed 10mL Clear Serum Vials, 24x50mm, Case of 716

Pre-washed Clear 10mL Serum Vials, 24x50mm, 20mm crimp finish, case of 716 pieces. Manufacturing and processing by GERRESHEIMER. Same dimension as our 62121U-10, but has been prewashed with WFI.

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The vials are pre-WASHED - sterilization & depyrogenation must be performed by the pharmacy.

10mL Serum Vials - pre-washed, 24x50mm, 20mm crimp finish, Case of 716 pieces.

10mL pre-washed vials = double bagged for steam sterilization

Manufacturer / Processor: Gerresheimer (ISO 9001 & ISO 15378 Certified)

An Italian made (Cozzoli) vial and syringe washer is used to process these USP Type 1 borosilicate glass vials. The washer is made of 316 stainless steel and has a PLC (programmable logic controller)  wash cycle. Manual loading and unloading of the vials by trained technicians enhance the visual inspection of the vials to assure compliance to quality criteria.

Gerresheimer uses high temperature USP WFI ( water for injection ) and filtered air to feed the machine. Washing operation is performed inside a controlled ISO Class 6 room environment. No detergent is used since this product is an unused glass container (detergent is only recommended when you clean 'already used' vials). 

The vials come in bagged plastic reams of 179 pieces x 4 per case (716 pieces)
The vials are already bagged and do not have any cardboard used in preparation of the separate reams (only the outer case is cardboard). The plastic vial ream is inside the plastic bag and measures approximately 15" L x 10.5" W (excluding the plastic bag excess).