20mm Vial Stopper, Round Bottom, Irradiated, Bag of 2,000 Maximize

20mm Vial Stopper, Round Bottom, Irradiated, Bag of 1,000

20mm Round Bottom Bromobutyl Vial Stopper, gamma-Irradiated, Bag of 1,000 pieces. Third-party tested for CFU and Endotoxin documentation is available for each lot. 

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20mm vial stoppers, round bottom style, gamma-irradiated at a minimum 25 kGy (Cobalt-60). Made of bromobutyl rubber, free of natural rubber latex.

Independent 3rd party testing results for CFU and Endotoxins are available for each lot sold. Packaged in a double-polyethylene bag with gamma-irradiation indicator. Each bag is lot labeled for traceability to both your CFU/Endotoxin testing paperwork and invoice. 

Excellent choice to accompany our sterile open 10mL serum vials (cannot be used with our 2mL sterile open vials). 

Sold in bags of 1,000 pieces.