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BD Triac Centrifuge Assembly 115v


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BD Triac Centrifuge Assembly 115v
BD Catalog No. 420200

The TRIAC® accommodates a variety of tubes and features three speeds for three procedures (urine sedimentation, blood separation, and microhematocrits), making it highly versatile. The operating modes are urine (six minutes), blood (five minutes), and microhematocrit (three minutes). Push-button modes are color-coded. Unit is equipped with an automatic timer and automatic safety shutoff if top is lifted. The microhematocrit rotor holds 12 microhematocrit tubes, or can be loaded with four interchangeable trunnions. Each trunnion accommodates two standard urine tubes or two 7mL, 10mL, or 15mL BD Vacutainer® blood collection tubes. Adapters are available for other types and sizes of tubes. 
Ordering Information: Supplied with manufacturer’s one-year parts and labor warranty. Complete with microhematocrit rotor, four aluminum trunnions, one container of 100 SurePrep™ precalibrated microhematocrit tubes, 2.1m (7') three-wire cord with plug, Spanner wrench, and operator’s manual. 

BD TRIAC™ Centrifuge

Q: What are the measurements of the BD TRIAC Centrifuge?

A: Height 10 in, width 12.5 in, depth 14 in. It weighs 24 lbs.

Q: What are the approximate speeds for each mode?

A: Blood approximately 3,500 RPMs, Urine approximately 2,300 RPMs, MHCT approximately 10,400 RPMs.

Q: What angle do the trunnions achieve upon centrifugations?

A: The trunnions achieve a spinning angle of 50 degrees.

Q: What is the timer specification of this unit?

A: 15 minutes +/- 10%

Q: What is the wattage?

A: Approximately 360 watts

Q: What are the recommended temperatures and humidity for operating and storage?

A: 5 to 40 degrees C, 20 to 90% room humidity, non-condensing.

Q: What is the tip radius?

A: 4.067 inches, or 10.33 cm

Q: What does the TRIAC include when purchased?

A: It includes trunnions, and the rotor. It does not come with glass tubes or microhematocrit tubes.

Q: Does this centrifuge have brushes?

A: Yes. There are instructions on page 6 of the Operator's manual.